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As Featured In, Clients, Media, Publications

BITS Magazine 'Queer Living' Volume 2 - 2024

Featured illustration 'Transformation' A tribute to powerful and transformative feminine energy'.


Nerdist Magazine - 2024

Featured cover artwork for 'The Serpent Called Mercy' (Astra Publishing)



Astra Publishing - 2024

Produced cover for Roanne Lau’s Fantasy novel 'The Serpent Called Mercy' along side Art Director Katie Anderson.


Displate - 2024

Special Limited Edition UV Reactive Displate 'Reforged'

Magic the Gathering - 2024

The Beauty of the Beasts Secret Lair Winter Superdrop - 2024

AD: Jacob Covey

- ‘Voracious Hydra’

- ‘Scourge of  Valkas’

- ‘Serpent of Yawning Depths’

- ‘Peregrine Drake’

- ‘Felidar Guardian’

London MCM Comic Con - 2023

October Saturday Panellist Artist Alley Stage 'Myths & Monsters Artist Panel - Finding Your Art Style'

Alongside artists Mate Jako, Sarah Mason and PhaseChan.

Magic the Gathering - 2023

Secret Lair Showdown Championship 

AD: Jacob Covey

- 'Murktide Regent'

Infected by Art - 2022

Volume 10 (Page 191) - Artwork 'Reforged' 

(Under name CCJEllis)

WyrmWood Gaming - 2022

Corrupted Tarot Card set

- 'The Devil'

- 'Five of Cups'

(Under name CCJEllis) 

Disclaimer: No longer affiliated, but I am proud of the work I produced for this project

Eye of Newt Press - 2021

Wrote and Illustrated 'Welsh Monsters & Mythical Beasts'

'A Guide to the legendary creatures from Celtic-Welsh myth and Legend' Written and Illustrated by Rowynn Ellis 

(First published under name CCJ Ellis)

Imagine FX Magazine - 2016

Fantasy Illustrator Expose Traditional Artist (Page 102) 

(Under name CCJ Ellis)


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