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Do You Take Commissions?

I generally only accept commercial work. If you would like a commission please carefully read the points below before contacting me:

* Please provide me with a commission proposal, with a clear outline of what you would like me to draw. 

* Please keep in mind I only accept high resolution reference material.

* Please supply least two forms of contact (eg an email address and twitter username).

* Have a clear budget in mind. Two part payment plans are an option, pay after sketch completion then after the artwork is completed.

* I do not take tattoo commissions.

* Create a mood board or attach samples of what you have in mind to communicate your ideas.

* Working hours range from 8am - 10pm London Time. I rarely work weekends and will respond to messages and e-mails the following Monday.

You Changed Your Name?

In 2023 I began the process of legally changing my name from CCJ Ellis to Rowynn Ellis. I settled on the name Rowynn because it is a gender neutral name, deeply rooted in Brythonic, Celtic and Norse folklore, meaning ‘From the Rowan tree’. Trees famous for their white flowers and red berries, believed to be guarded by the spirits of dragons and serpents. When I was a baby my pram was often placed under one, where I would fall asleep watching the birds dancing in the branches. They’ve held a special place in my heart ever since. It was also the name of one of my first oc’s. It couldn’t feel more perfect and makes me so happy.

Can I Get Your Art as a Tattoo?

Any good tattoo artist who is in keeping with copyright law, will request a permission note from the artist. You can purchase a tattoo permit from my Etsy store for just £10. Please contact me first before purchase to ensure the artwork is available for use.

What Software do you use?

Most of my work these days is created using digital media. I use a large Ipad Pro and the program ProCreate as well as a range of Adobe software for editing. Often my work includes a mix of both traditional and digital techniques and textures. 

Do You do Collaborations?

Yes I do occasionally take on collaborative work, if my schedule allows for it and I feel our styles would work well together.

If you'd like to propose a collaboration with me, you can send me a 'collaboration proposal' via the contact page.

These days I like to ask any collaborators to sign a 'collaboration agreement' contract, just to ensure that we're on the same page and to iron out any possible miscommunications or misunderstandings regarding sale of the artwork and how much each of us want to contribute. 

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