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'Enter a realm of fantastic beasts & legends with this colourful illustrated compendium exploring the mythical creatures of  Wales'


I'd love to take a moment to introduce you to my latest art book which has been over four years in the making; 'Welsh Monsters & Mythical Beasts' is an illustrated guide containing numerous creature profiles and legends accompanied by detailed ink and watercolour illustrations.

You may have heard of the Red Dragon (Ddraig Goch) featured on the national flag of Wales, but sadly here in Wales many of our other legends and mythical creatures are being forgotten over time. I felt so sad to see my culture loosing such an amazing array of stories and creatures, so it  became my mission to bring them back to the forefront of Welsh culture and introduce them to a new generation and share our rich mythology with the world.

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Packed with lore, history, and beautiful illustrations. Welsh Monsters & Mythical Beasts is an indispensable registry of everything that lurks in the shadows, glides just beneath the surface,

or goes bump in the night.

I love it!


Welsh Monsters


Mythical Beasts

Forword by Stephanie Law

Welsh Monsters


My first thought upon seeing Welsh Monsters was “Goodness, what a useful book!” If that adjective sounds a little staid and uninspired, let me elucidate.


U for Unexpected. I did not realize, though it makes perfect sense, that there were so many astonishing creatures in Welsh legend.


S for Serendipitous. Encountering the intricacies of the genesis and syncretism of myth, and the originality of the creatures inhabiting the wild spaces of the Welsh mind.


E for Exotic. The names of the creatures themselves are fantastical, and are already a journey in themselves.


F for Fascinating. Half-familiar (they do have aspects in common with other fantastical denizens of the British Isles, but we are clearly in another world but nevertheless doubly other-worldly.


U for Understandable. The book is well constructed, clear and legible, a must for any guide, especially a guide to the fantastic.


L for Lovely (just plain) …


See? Very USEFUL. A must-have guide to those creatures you hope never to encounter except in story and imagination.

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