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About The Artist

Rowynn Auxin Ellis (formerly CCJ Ellis) is a professional fantasy illustrator and Author from Bangor North Wales. Their work is inspired by fantasy and mythology and they work mainly with pen, ink and watercolour and digital media. 

Rowynn attended Wrexham University and achieved a Degree in Illustration and a Masters in Design Communication. Over the years they have worked with clients Wizards of the Coast, Magic the Gathering, Eye of Newt Press and Astra Publishing. Rowynn has also been featured in several online blogs and magazines; including Infected by Art, Imagine FX Magazine and Pencil Kings.

They have launched several successful Kickstarters, one of which lead to the international publication of their book 'Welsh Monsters & Mythical Beasts'.

Rowynn has also appeared on the BBC 'Wales Today' Show and Welsh TV channel S4C's arts program Y Lle’ and took part in the Artist Alley London MCM 2023 Panel 'Myths & Monsters Artist Panel - Finding Your Art Style' alongside artists Mate Jako, Sarah Mason and PhaseChan.

Currently Rowynn is working on a series of personal projects exploring and documenting more creatures from Welsh folklore. Their aim is to create more published resource books that take you on a journey through the symbolism, history and 'natural history' of Wales’ most renowned mythical creatures. 



Wizards Of The Coast

Magic The Gathering

Eye Of Newt Press

Astra Publishing House


Exhibitions & Events

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